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Brad Brandon is the founder and CEO of Across Nigeria. Pastor Brad is a graduate of Concordia University. He has worked in several industries over the years. He was a Radio Talk Show Host for Salem Communications for nearly ten years. Then went on to work as a consultant for both for-profit and non-profit organizations. For over 20 years, he served in Pastoral ministry as a family / individual counselor and Senior Pastor. Since 2018, he has been actively serving on the foreign mission field. He serves predominately in high-risk, highly persecuted areas like Northern Nigeria and other parts of West Africa. Through Pastor Brad and the Across Nigeria team, ground-breaking work is being done to bring the gospel into areas with the most intense opposition. His passion is to reach people in these areas with the gospel of Jesus Christ and to help persecuted Christians who live under the constant threat of violence because of their faith in Christ. 

He is a skilled speaker and teacher. His years of serving in some of the most dangerous places on earth have made him highly sought after for churches, conferences, and as an interview guest. 

If you would like Pastor Brad to speak at your church or conference, please click here.


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