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Nigeria has a population of nearly 200 million people...

The government's corruption and Nigeria's large population have driven unemployment to almost 75%. Most Nigerians live in abject poverty with very little means to support themselves and their families. 

I.D.P. stands for Internally Displaced Persons...

I.D.P. camps are where people go when their homes and villages have been destroyed by Boko Haram and other extremist militant groups.  There are around 4000 I.D.P. camps in Nigeria. 

Often the I.D.P. camps lack basic necessities for life. Food, water and healthcare are all in extremely short supply. Life in the camps is often desperate and dangerous. 

There are currently over 2 million people living in I.D.P. camps in Nigeria...
The Fulani Herdsmen are a semi-nomadic people group...

There are over 20 million Fulani in Nigeria. They are largely muslim and are one of the biggest causes of Christian persecution in Nigeria. Every year they are responsible for tens of thousands of Christians being displaced. 

Boko Haram and ISIS are growing in strength and numbers...

The Nigerian military has been ill equipped to deal with the attacks brought on by Boko Haram and ISIS. This vacuum has allowed these terrorist groups to grow and become stonger. They are using this to kill and terrorize the Nigerian Christian population. 

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