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Hausa Bible Institute


If you would like to partner with us to help our Hausa Bible Institute students complete the program, click here >>>

Hausa is the primary language in Northern Nigeria. Many of those who have put their faith in Jesus have a strong desire to be discipled in the Bible and trained to minister as either pastors or evangelists. In the fall of 2022, God opened the door for us to start a Bible Institute entirely in the Hausa language. The books, curriculum, and the lectures are all in Hausa. Our goal is to train those called into ministry and give them quality guidance and preparation to do what God calls them. Our course is a three-year program, after which they will graduate and be ordained as ministers of the gospel. All those who complete the program will be sent out to preach the gospel and evangelize in the region of Northern Nigeria. Our emphasis is to train effective pastors and evangelists to minister in one of the most high-risk areas of the world. 

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