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Our Vision
As a community, we are devoted to seeing Nigeria and the surrounding regions transformed. We are also devoted to seeing people's lives changed by experiencing the love of God through Jesus Christ. We firmly believe this will happen through outreach, discipleship, and encouraging believers in their faith.
Our Mission

We believe our vision can most effectively be accomplished by our three fold ministry approach.

I. Outreach

Reaching people with the love of God is the most essential thing we do. We bring the message of God's redemption for mankind through the gospel of Jesus Christ. We will walk through any door God opens to bring the gospel's good news to people who desperately need it. 

II. Discipleship

Strengthening believers in their faith is a vital part of the work we do. Jesus Christ calls us to make disciples everywhere we go. We do this by investing not only our resources but also our time. We spend much of our time building relationships with believers. We also establish and support churches, provide Bibles, and teaching materials. 

III. Encourage

The word "comfort" is the join of two words. "Com" means to come together, and "fort" means to fortify or strengthen. We join with persecuted Christians by delivering aid and comfort. We desire to encourage them in their faith, assisting them with their felt and spiritual needs.

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