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Refugee Facility

In 2019, we opened a refugee facility called "City of Refuge." When Muslims put their faith in Jesus Christ, often their family and communities seek to kill them. In Islam, the teaching is called Jarayim Alsharaf, which means "honor killing." It's the Islamic belief that to defend the honor of their family, those who believe in Christ must be killed. Our City of Refuge is where Muslims who believe in Christ can go to escape those seeking to harm them. Here, they can be safely discipled in their new faith. Muslims are coming to Christ all over Nigeria, and every available room is nearly filled with Muslim men, women, and families who now believe in Christ. We are already working on expanding the facility and adding a church building. It is incredible to see what God is doing here. 

If you would like to partner with us to help persecuted Christians in Nigeria, click here >>>

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